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Where To Start To Make The Switch....

Kylie Apostoles

Sometimes its hard to know where to start to switch to a Natural, Cleaner, Healthier Beauty Products with so much choice and so many brands saying they have the miracle product to take 10 years off naturally. Where do you go and who do you trust? 

I hear constantly that their skin is dry and they say "Oh Ive tried everything" (well, we all know that that is IMPOSSIBLE to do!!) or they think putting makeup over their dry skin is going to make them glow. Sorry to break the news to you...The only way to get the 'glow' is from within, eating  a well balanced diet, and using Organic skincare and Makeup that will Nourish from the outside in, NOT products that sit on top of your skin and are clogging your pores.

Im sure your social media feeds are constant of the latest green juice, and the latest fitness exercise that will be good for your health and wellbeing, and taking note on what is in our food, but have you had a close look at what your putting on your skin?

Lets look at your products in your bathroom cupboard. All the toxic products that you use most likely promise you the world of looking younger, having smoother skin, will hydrate and minimize wrinkles. Now lets turn the bottle over.
Do you see any of these ingredients...
Ethoxydiglycol (Alcohol), Butylene Glycol(Petroleum Base) , Propylene Glycol(skin irritant), Disodium EDTA(enhances absorption of other chemicals, Mineral Oil(Petroleum base-traps dirt and toxicants under the skin,which can promote acne), Dimethicone(used in sealants and lubricants, Polysorbates(can contain carcinogen), All parabens(linked to cancer), Bismuth Oxychloride, Iodopropyl Butylcarbamate(can cause thyroid problems, DMDM Hydantoin(contains carcinogenic formaldehyde), Fragrance

Remember, what you apply to your skin , it takes 26 seconds to be absorbed into your bloodstream so you really don't want toxic chemicals going there!!

I've made the switch easy..
To cleanse your skin morning and night  GRAB NUMBER 1
To Tone, balance and Hydrate  GRAB NUMBER 2
For your delicate Eye area  GRAB NUMBER 3
I will come back to the 4'S
Moisturise in the AM GRAB NUMBER 5 (Hydrate or Balance)
Moisturise in the PM GRAB NUMBER 6
Lets remove the past weekly  GRAB NUMBER 7
Pamper yourself weekly  GRAB NUMBER 8 (AntiAgeing or AntiAcne)
Nourish -Nourishing Serum USE AT NIGHT
     Brighten  -  Brightening Serum  USE MORNING AND NIGHT
Protect -   Antioxidant Serum  USE IN MORNING